Choosing A Hairstyle That Embodies Your PersonalityChoosing A Hairstyle That Embodies Your Personality

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Choosing A Hairstyle That Embodies Your Personality

Sometimes, people underestimate the importance of a great hairstyle. Instead of picking something that really embodies their personality, many people choose something super conservative or boring. However, you don't have to deal with a bland hairstyle if you don't want to. After all, why go with a boring bob when you can dye your locks like a rainbow! As a lover of tattoos and a hairstyle connoisseur, I know a thing or two about making your hair pop. I hope that as you go through the articles on my website that you can get a better feel for your hair and beauty options, so that you can show off your personal style.

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3 Tips For Coloring Your Hair While Pregnant

If you regularly dye your hair, you may be wondering if it is safe to do so while you are pregnant or what alternative options you may have. Most hair dyes have not been extensively tested on pregnant women, so there is no absolute answer to whether hair dyes are safe during pregnancy. However, in general, most are thought to be safe when used in moderation and applied in a well-ventilated area. There are some choices you can make to help make dyeing your hair during pregnancy a safer process. 

Select Dyes With Natural Ingredients 

Most permanent dyes contain more chemicals than semi-permanent dyes. These chemicals often have strong scents that can trigger your morning sickness or make you feel unwell during pregnancy. To avoid this, you should opt for semi-permanent dyes over permanent options. Additionally, you can choose natural dyes such as henna or vegetable dyes for additional safety. However, you should be aware that some henna does contain chemicals similar to those in permanent dyes. If opting for henna, you should read the ingredients on the package and make sure it is pure henna with no additives. 

Avoid Bleaching or Lightening Your Hair

The chemicals in bleach and other lightening solutions tend to be more pungent than the chemicals in dyes. If possible, avoid bleaching or otherwise lightening your hair during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a good time to try out a darker shade than your natural color. It will require less maintenance and you will be exposed to fewer chemicals. If you do want to pursue bleaching or lightening, consider highlights and low lights rather than lightening all of your hair. 

Consider Dyeing In the Second Trimester

During the first trimester, your baby is developing many of its critical systems, and your risk of miscarriage is higher. Although dyeing your hair may not cause issues, you may want to avoid dyeing during this more sensitive period. During the third trimester, your baby will be rapidly gaining fat deposits, which could store chemicals that you introduce to your body. Again, the risk of chemicals from hair dye reaching your baby is low, but you may want to avoid dyeing during this period as well. The safest time to dye your hair would be during the second trimester, while your baby is stable and before they begin gaining serious birth weight. You may want to schedule one appointment at the beginning of your second trimester and another just before you start your third. 

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